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Senses go digital.

Dear partners,

The trend toward digitalization, until now mostly associated with industry, is increasingly spreading to all other areas of life, including people’s everyday activities. The Campus of the Senses intends to digitally recreate human senses such as sight and hearing, and especially the chemical senses of taste and smell. For instance, machines could be designed to help people who have lost their sense of taste and smell due to an infection determine whether food has gone bad.

The campus will combine interdisciplinary basic research and application-oriented research on the subject of digital sensory transition and will help you staying competitive by recording and processing individual sensory impressions digitally.

We are pleased to announce that the first preliminary projects within the Campus of the Senses have started. Senses go digital! Join us from the beginning and look forward to a year full of sensory surprises.


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Human perception goes digital at the Campus of the Senses



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