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Presentations at the Kick Off

Looking back at 2017, on September 15 we enjoyed a hugely successful Campus of the Senses launch event in Erlangen. So far, more than 80 companies and institutions have expressed their interest in our initiative, which clearly shows the importance of the envisioned digital sensory transition for businesses, individuals, and society as a whole.


Campus of the Senses

Presentation of Prof. Dr. Albert Heuberger und Prof. Dr. Andrea Büttner.


»The importance of sensory sciences research in hair care development - an industry perspective«

Dr. Susanne Will, Research Fellow, R&D Beauty / Hair Care Europe & IMEA, Procter & Gamble European Service GmbH


»The human chemical senses - why and how we smell and taste, and what happens if we lose it«

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hummel,
Director Smell and Taste Clinic, Dresden University

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15 - 16 October 2018 at Fraunhofer IVV, Freising

Workshop Analytical Data - Data Analytics


A Campus of the Senses workshop

Modern analytical methods exhibit increasingly high levels of complexity, in particular those used in the life sciences, chemistry, physiology and medicine. Multidimensional systems
that combine analytical instrumentation generate an everincreasing amount of data. This presents a challenge in data processing.


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Human perception goes digital at the Campus of the Senses in Erlangen

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