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Lectures and events within the Campus of the Senses

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.  

Past events within the Campus of the Senses

Past Events


Workshop Analytical Data - Data Analytics

October 15th/16th, 2018 at Fraunhofer IVV 


Workshop Innovation Garage

November 15th, 2018 at Fraunhofer IIS  

Prof. Andrea Büttner

Past Lectures

The 2nd International Flavor and Fragrance Conference

Chemosensory perception today - how modern technological societies affect the human senses (Wuxi, China, 28.-31.05.2018)


Market days of knowledge
Wood odor in Erlangen: The Fraunhofer IVV will be represented on the marketplace in Erlangen within the framework of the market days of knowledge organized by the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Visitors will be able to interactively experience the woody odor (Erlangen, 5 May 2018)

Workshop: Smell Sensing for applications in Medical and Lifestyle Marker Recording, Food and Feed QC, Environmental and Homeland Security Monitoring

Learning from humans : translating our sense of smell into machine systems. (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Tulln, Austria, 17.-18.04.2018)

Brainweek-International Week of the Brain
Our sense of smell: increasingly meaningless or simply underestimated? (Neumarkt, Germany, 12.3.2018)

Industry Association for Food and Packaging
Digitization of the senses - multisens. Research between disciplines on the Campus of the Senses in Erlangen. Digitization of the food value chain (Freising, Germany, 30.1.2018)


Freisinger evening
On January 30th the Fraunhofer IVV and the IVLV e.V. invited interested IVLV members to an evening menu with keynote speeches on top of the venerable mountain "Lindenkeller Freising – Stadtcafe”.


13th Dresden Sensor Symposium
Inter-individual variation and multi-sensory integration – Is it possible to objectify human perception of smell and taste? (Dresden, Germany, 4-6.12.2017)